Essay on hard work has no substitute

Essay on hard work has no substitute

essay on hard work has no substitute

Write an essay on, there is, nO, substitute, for, hARD

— Thomas Edison The power of progress is fundamental to human nature. Most people completely neglect progress because theyre so focused on achievement. If you need to write, the main thing you need to do is just to sit down in front of your text editor and write. It doesnt even have to be a full page. Half a page or even less. Call that a success. What matters is that you make time to write.

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Oprah Winfrey, dont wait wait for opportunities, create them. When you learn to embrace hard work instead of running from it, you gain the ability to execute on your big goals, no matter what it takes to achieve them. You blast through obstacles that stop others who have less resolve. But what is it that gets you to this point? What gets you to embrace hard work? Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light bulb and yet he never dreamed of giving up — this is the hard work and the determination that marks a true interview success. Picasso was exceptionally prolific throughout his long lifetime. The total number of artworks he produced has been estimated at 50,000, comprising 1,885 paintings; 1,228 sculptures; 2,880 ceramics, roughly 12,000 drawings, many thousands of prints, and numerous tapestries and d there are about 870 paintings by vincent van Gogh existing today. His earliest date from 1881 and the latest from July, e greater your capacity for hard work, the more rewards fall within your grasp. If youve chosen a significant purpose for your life, its going to require hard work to get there — any meaningful purpose will require hard work. If you are willing to show up everyday, you will make incremental progress writing The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. .

And this resulted in something that saved them a lot of time, effort and energy. You can only give anything your best shot and work hard towards your goals. Work hard in making smart choice and work even harder to learn how to make smart choices. Dont see failure as an obstacle but be smart enough to learn from them. Jonah Engler once said There are slave no short cuts to success — hard work is smart work. Hard work is the how to achieve greatness. The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if youre willing to work.

essay on hard work has no substitute

There Is, no, substitute, for, hard

Work hard, and you will earn good rewards. Work smart, and you will earn great rewards. Work hard and work smart, and you will earn extraordinary rewards. . Matshona Dhliwayo, you have probably heard this phrase a hundred times, you have to work smart not hard to succeed. Being smart is about making the right choices. Smart people move up the ladder real fast. But they also value the importance of hard work. Your idols, heroes, and every successful person you know worked hard and made important and calculated choices before they reaped the rewards of success. As they reached the pinnacle of success, they grew more experienced, made less mistakes, improved their decision making skills and made the most of selected opportunities.

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essay on hard work has no substitute

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Hard work is challenging, painful and uncomfortable. But its the only way to the top. In fact, a major key to success is to learn to enjoy challenging work and to enjoy working hard. For most people, work is hard enough without pushing even harder. Those extra steps are so difficult and painful they almost never get done. If you want to achieve some really big and interesting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work.

Hard work makes the biggest difference. The good thing about hard work is that its universal. It doesnt matter what industry youre in — hard work can be used to achieve positive long-term results regardless of the specifics. In the words. Nielson, successful make people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose. Working hard or working smart cannot be separated.

Henry ford says, The harder you work, the luckier you get — the more successful you get! Theres no substitute for hard work, dont ever, ever, believe anyone who tells you that you can just get by, by doing the easiest thing possible. Because theres always somebody behind you who really wants to do what youre doing. And theyre going to work harder than you if youre not working hard. . Maria bartiromo, greatness isnt handed to anyone; it requires a lot of hard work.

The best people in any field are those who devote the most hours to their crafts. Winston Churchill, one of the 20th centurys greatest orators, practiced his speeches compulsively. Vladimir Horowitz supposedly said, If I dont practice for a day, i know. If I dont practice for two days, my wife knows. Michael Jordan practiced intensely beyond the already punishing team practices. The all-time-great football receiver. Jerry rice — passed up by 15 teams because they considered him too slow — practiced so hard that other players would get sick trying to keep. Bill Gates saw the dawn of the pc and worked hard to put a computer on every desk. Rockefeller, too, saw ahead when the world-changing new industry was oil and took advantage.

There is no substitute for hard work

There are no shortcuts to lasting success, only smartcuts. Many people will do whats easiest and avoid hard work — and thats precisely why you slave should do the opposite. Lasting success can only be achieved if you put in the work. Jim Rohn says, dont wish it were easier. Wish you were better. Theres no evidence of high-level performance without experience or practice. The most accomplished people needed years of hard work and smart choices before favorite becoming world-class. Stephen King once said Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

essay on hard work has no substitute

Hard work is always the baseline of great achievements. Nothing spectacular comes without. Getting organised is hard work. Setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and staying on track is hard work. Very few have ever failed with the hard work approach to making it in life. You may rise slowly, but you are sure to rise. Theres only one way to the top: Hard write Work.

worked hard, without ever getting disappointed of his countless failures, from the age of 21 till the age of 52, when he went on to become the President of the. Again, it took noah Webster 36 years to compile his Webster's Dictionary. Where would we be today if he had not put in those countless hours of hard work behind his grand contribution to the English language? Therefore, you need to remember that there are no short cuts to success. Hard work, complimented with an intense desire to struggle and to achieve success is the only sure shot way of reaching success that you have always wanted. Hr advisor at Atkins. Looking for more of the latest headlines on LinkedIn? Nobody is great without work.

Giving up after a few failed attempts makes you a loser. A truly successful man will keep trying and keep struggling until he perfects his art. Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light bulb and yet he never dreamed of giving up this is the hard work and the determination that marks a true success. Indeed, success is not measured by the position that you are in, today but the amount of hard work you put in and the number of obstacles that you overcome to reach your goal. Why work hard, if there are shortcuts? The good thing about working hard is, that for people who are driven towards their goal can enjoy their hard work and consequently, the work does not seem unduly grueling to them. When you begin to work hard towards achieving success, make sure to work smartly agreement too.

Is there no substitute for hard work?

Published on July 23, 2015, hR Advisor at Atkins, you do not come across success just by hoping for. To achieve true success, you need the strength of mind and body to struggle and work hard to reach your fullest potential. You need the right attitude, self-discipline and the ability to put your goal before your own needs, if you are really driven towards reaching success. There is, after all no substitute for hard work, and as Henry ford says, The harder you work, the luckier you get the more successful you get! How do you overcome success? Intense hard work along with great skills shall help you win one success after another. There shall be innumerable obstacles strewn in your path towards success, however, what makes a man truly worthy of the success that he attains is the ability to keep struggling until he can resume reach his goal.

essay on hard work has no substitute
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  1. Http th" Nobody is great without work. Hard work is always the baseline of great achievements. There s no substitute for hard work.

  2. If you don t invest the hours, the sweat, the. In life, it has always been my firm belief that there is no substi tute for hard work. In today s instant gratification oriented society, we tend to want. There is, after all no substitute for hard work, and as Henry ford says, The harder you work, the luckier you get the more successful you get!

  3. I ve met a fair number of successful, self-made people in my life. They all work in different. Edison"s from. Today, i m compelled to mention the obvious: There is no subst itute for working hard on your pursuit.

  4. It is a determination to work hard and become effective beyond the range of one s normal capacities. There is no substitute for hard work. October 3, 2013 by brad Pilon.

  5. Hard work is so important that even if there is a lack of talent, it can be compen sated with hard work, but there is no substitute for hard work. It is said to be the. Prayer is not a substitute for work.

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